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5 Pin 32 Amp "Construction" 3 Phase Industrial Extension Leads

Australian Standard

32 Amp, five core, 3 Phase, “Construction” Extension Leads.


For indoor, outdoor and harsh environments.

The 32 Amp 5 core 3 phase “construction” extension lead has a larger diameter cable and longer maximum allowable length from the outlet to the appliance than heavy-duty leads. It is suitable for use on sites that have a few 3 phase outlets, or the lead is connected to a temporary site power board that is a long way from the local distribution board. Where voltage drop is a consideration (either the machine is a considerable distance from the main distribution board or has high starting current).

32 Amp 10m "Construction" Extension Lead: 3 Phase,5 pin,415V.

32 Amp 10m "Construction" Extension Lead: 3 Phase,5 pin,415V.

32A, 5 Pin, 3 Phase Australian Standard “Construction” Extension Lead Cord Length:..

$452.00 Ex Tax: $410.91

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