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Extension Leads Maximum Length

Extension Leads (cords) Lengths.



EEC Industrial Extension Lead Maximum Lengths.

  Light Duty. Heavy Duty. Heavy Duty Extra Long. “Construction.” 
10A 240V 25m 35m 60m 100m
15A 240V 25m 40m   65m
20A 240V 20m 40m   60m
32A 240V 30m 50m    
10A Three Phase 40m 70m   110m
20A Three Phase 30m 50m   75m
32A Three Phase 40m 60m   100m
40A Three Phase 30m 60m    
50A Three Phase 30m      

The for the determination of the maximum cable length. The outlet is assumed to be 25m from the main distribution board.

Light-Duty Extension Leads.

For extended use outdoors or in a harsh environment, or environments with high temperatures use heavy-duty or extra-long extension leads.
(Intermittent use: Ambient temperatures between 40°C and 45°C.)

Heavy Duty Extension Leads.

The heavy-duty extension lead is suitable for use in indoor, outdoor and harsh environments.

Construction/Extra Long Extension Leads.

The extra-long leads suitable for use on sites where:

  • There are long runs required with few available outlets.

  • Where voltage drop due to high starting currents is a problem.







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