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  • 10 Amp 25m 5 Pin, 3 (Three) Phase 415V Industrial Ext Lead.

10 Amp 25m 5 Pin, 3 (Three) Phase 415V Industrial Ext Lead.


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10 Amp Australian 3 (Three) Phase(415V)

5 Pin Light Duty

Industrial Extension Lead

Length: 25 m

Light Duty:

Light Duty extension lead is suitable for indoor and short-duration outdoor use.

Light-duty extension leads are recommended for indoor or outdoor
applications with an ambient temperature below 40°C

For extended use outdoors or in environments with high ambient temperatures, use the Heavy
extension leads.

(Intermittent use: Ambient temperature above 40°C below 45°C)

The maximum length for general use is 40m

The maximum length for use with any equipment that has a high starting current is 15m


  • Wet and oily environments
  • Construction site leads
  • Flexible connections to motors, generators, compressors, e.g.
    • Drills & pumps
    • Saws & log splitters
    • Cranes & Hoists
    • Handheld drills
    • Grinders & welders
    • Agricultural equipment 
    •  Generators
    • 3 phase Vacuums & floor grinders. etc
  • Event and temporary cabling, e.g. 
    • fairgrounds 
    • sporting venues
    • Stage & theatre power.

The extension lead is suitable for dry, damp and wet environments; areas of stress caused by vibration or impact are resistant to abrasion, exposure to radiated heat and chemical contamination. The black, flame-retardant sheath suits harsh work locations like engineering workshops, where the lead is dragged behind a machine, such as floor polishers and grinders.

Maximum Ambient temperature: 40°C

Maximum Continuous Length:  40m

Maximum current at 40°C: 10A

Cable  Specifications:

Cable CSA:1.5mm²

Max Voltage: 06/1kV

Insulation: Ethelyne-propylene rubber (EPR) R-EP-90   90 deg C Conductor

Sheath Colour: Black - UV, sunlight and weather resistant.

Cable Temperature Range: -25 degrees C to +90 degrees C (mobile) -40 degrees c to +90 degrees C (fixed)

Maximum permissible short circuit temperature: 250 deg C for 1 Sec

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