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  • 10 Amp 20m 3 Pin "Construction" Single Phase 240V Industrial Extension Lead. Cable CSA:4mm²R.

10 Amp 20m 3 Pin "Construction" Single Phase 240V Industrial Extension Lead. Cable CSA:4mm²R.


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10 Amp Australian Standard Single Phase(240V)


Industrial Extension Lead

Length: 20m


“Construction Leads”:

For indoor, outdoor and harsh environments.

The “construction” lead has a larger diameter cable and longer maximum allowable length from the outlet to the appliance than “heavy duty” leads.

Suitable for use on sites that have a few outlets; if the lead is connected to a temporary site power board a that is a long
distance from the local distribution board; where voltage drop is a consideration (either the
machine is a considerable distance from the main distribution board or has high starting

The maximum length for general use: 100m

The maximum length for use with any equipment that has a high starting current: 60m

  • Construction site leads
  • Submersible Pumps 
  • Flexible connections to motors, generators, compressors e.g.
    • Drills & pumps
    • Saws & log splitters
    • Cranes & Hoists
    • Handheld drills
    • Grinders & welders
    • Agricultural equipment 
    •  Generators
    • Three phase Vacuums & floor grinders. etc
  • Event and temporary cabling e.g. 
    • fairgrounds 
    • sporting venues
    • Stage & theatre power.

The extension lead is suitable for dry, damp and wet environments.

Areas of stress caused by vibration or impact they are resistant to abrasion.

Exposure to radiated heat and chemical contamination.

Because of the black, flame retardant sheath, it is suitable for areas subject to fire hazard and hazardous locations like engineering workshops.

This extension lead recommended for applications where the cord is dragged behind a machine, e.g., floor polishers, floor grinders, etc.

Maximum Ambient temperature: 40°C

Maximum Continuous Length:  100m

Maximum current at 40°C: 10A

Cable  Specifications:

Cable CSA:4mm²

Max Voltage: 06/1kV

Insulation: Ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) R-EP-90   90 deg C Conductor

Sheath Colour: Black - UV, sunlight and weather resistant.

Cable Temperature Range: -25 deg C to +90 deg C (mobile) -40 deg c to +90 Deg C (fixed)

Maximum permissible short circuit temperature: 250 deg C for 1 Sec



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