ectrical Electronic & Control (EEC) primary focus is on providing professional indudtrial and commercial elical services and products that comply with current istry safety standards

Electrical Engineering and Control (EEC) Technical Services.


- Three phase extension leads

- Portable distrobution boards

- Motor controllers - Forward Reversing

- Froward Reversing Star Delta

- Custom Controllers


- Specialising in 3 phase elecrtical equipment repair and service.

- Electrical Labour Hire

- Industrial and commercial breakdown Services

- System Automation,Instrumentation and Process control

- PLC Programming

- AC and DC variable speed drive set up and service.

- Technical and Engineering Support to OEM's: PLC programming, Variable speed drive configuration ect.

Peruse our extensive range of 3 phase extension, appliance leads and single phase leads. All are made from hard wearing abrasive resistant HO7 rubber insulation. Australian Standard Plugs and sockets. (IP66). All the extension leads are sized so they can be joined together enabling large runs of the same current type.

Tag and Testing is available on all leads when requested.

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